Vintage Moroccan Rug Floor Cushion

Vintage Moroccan Rug Floor Cushion

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This stunning cushion has been made by using re-purposing a vintage Boujad rug. Each rug has been hand woven and hand dyed using wool by the women of the high Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Each floor cushion is unique and one of kind.

Use them as a floor cushion for the kids, as an ottoman or as a very glamorous bed for your pet.

Measuring approximately 60cm square by 20cm deep.

Each floor cushion weighs approximately 2-3kg unfilled. We provide our cushions unfilled to save on postage. We recommend you use old clothes, manchester or newspaper to fill your cushion. Environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

As with any Vintage item - there may be signs of discolouration, variance of weave and shape or small irregularities - these just add to their Moroccan charm. Please remember that some of these Boujad rugs are over 50 years old.

Straight from the Souks of the ancient Medina to you.